Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Light Pendants

I was enchanted by some lovely light pendants in the grand lobby of Paradise Inn at Mount Rainier.  But as a prelude to the pendant pictures, one must see the surroundings to which the artist was inspired by and to which he specifically painted and created the pendants.  
 Mount Rainier (elev. 14,409 ft.) is still covered with snow this June. 
 The vastness is exposed as the trails are covered by snow.

 The sound of snow melting water falls is a reminder that the mountain is alive.
 Paradise Inn is a rustic lodge built in 1916.
 These hand painted and one-of-kind light pendants were created by Dale Thompson, Artist-Naturalist for the lodge. 
 Each pendant is unique with paintings of surrounding Alpine wildflowers.

 The pendants provide a soft light to the grand lobby as well as creating visual interest.  The soft, delicate style in which Dale Thompson painted the flowers is a reminder of the fragile wildflowers.

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